tutorial. Adobe Flash Professional CS5 components are building blocks for or PDF file, Flash preserves the same attributes as for pasted Illustrator artwork. Tutorial B1. Creating a Flash Movie (Classic Tween). Steps: 1. Open a new Flash document (with ActionScript ). 2. Click File and Save it as “”. Unlike most Flash tutorials, this one is aimed specifically at the needs of .. sometimes use sound from a video-editing program like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, .

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A bonus 2-hour set of Adobe Flash. Professional CS6: Learn by Video tutorials are included, from video2brain and Adobe. Press. Learn by Video is one of the. Adobe Flash Professional CS6: A Tutorial Approach. Evaluation Copy. Do not reproduce. For information visit INTRODUCTION. Adobe Flash. In this tutorial, you will be guided through a step-by-step process on how to create your very Adobe Flash CS5 and understand the basics of Flash animation.

But make sure that the speed of the road strip is double as compared with the moving speed of the buildings. Publish the flash file to see the transition in the animation.

15 Essential Tutorials To Mastering Flash

Drag the logo. Make sure to match the length of the footpath series with the road strip. Align the footpath. Animate the footpath similar to the road strip with the same speed.

Publish the flash file to see the effect. Create an oval shape exactly the shape of the rim of the car. Rotate the spokes movieclip at frame 3 by around degrees and add motion tween between the keyframes. Next, activate the mask layer and chose frame 6 and press F5 to extend the frames.

Drag the preview of the symbol into the Stage area to a location close to the object you just deleted.

Now select any frame between the two Keyframes and right-click. From the pulldown menu select Create Motion Tween. Leave everything at its default setting for now. Back in the day, I had a friend who worked in an animation studio, and her title was in-beTween artist. With Flash, you have your own in-beTween artist. Hit the Enter key and marvel at the improvements to your animation.

Adding Motion Tween to the Biker

Fortunately, you can also import images from other vector-based programs, such as Adobe Illustrator. Just select Import under the File menu. Layering and Other Neat Tricks. Also, if you want to animate symbols separately, you must create a layer for each symbol. Double-click on the Layer and name it Circle.

Insert a Keyframe in frame number 3. Select the Oval tool and then go to the Stroke and Fill option in the tools palette. Set the Stroke Height to 4 points. Now draw a circle about 2 inches in diameter in the center of the Stage. Reset the movie to the first frame and hit the Enter key to see the circle pop up suddenly in frame 3.

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The next step will be to make that circle fade in smoothly. Name this symbol Circle. Insert a Keyframe at frame 10 of the Circle layer. Remember, the contents of any new Keyframe are inherited from the previous Keyframe until you specifically alter it, so you should only add a Keyframe when you want to make a change to a symbol or object.

Not only does this keep the Timeline neat, it conserves file size of the final movie. Click on the Circle symbol in frame 3 of the Circle layer.

Then go to the bottom panel and select Alpha from the Color pulldown menu, and set the percentage to 0. After you click OK, the circle will seem to disappear.

With frame 3 still active, right-click the timeline and select Create Motion Tween. Motion tween? As a rule, use the Motion tween for everything but shape morphing. That triangle moving across the stage looks pretty dumb, but you can modify a symbol however you like on the Stage, and the original symbol will remain the same.

See Lesson 2 of this tutorial to learn how to edit the original symbol. Click on the Triangle layer to make it active. Next, click on the triangle symbol in frame 6 the second Keyframe and set the width and height to 50 percent in the Transform panel. Make frame 5 the current frame so you can see the triangle on the right side of the Stage.

Select the Pencil and the Smooth Modifier. Draw a loop starting at the center of the triangle and bring it around the bottom and back up the left side of the stage area. Is it not smooth enough? Click on the path using the Arrow tool , and then click on the Smooth Modifier again and again until you achieve the desired result.

The Pencil icon indicates an active layer for editing in the Stage area. Right-click control-click on Mac to reveal layer options. Next, drag the triangle by the cross hairs into the center until it snaps to the starting point of the path you just drew.

Add another Keyframe to Frame 20 in the Triangle layer and, with that frame active, drag the triangle to the opposite end of the path.

Play around with the other settings in the panel until the triangle is a new color that you like. Once everything is working for you, click the first dot to the right of the Guide layer name under the eyeball to hide it. Now Get Experimental Another benefit of symbols is that they simplify editing. If you have a movie full of dozens of instances of a single symbol, you can change them all at once by editing the symbol. To edit a symbol, just double-click on an instance in the Stage or in the Library panel.

You can stop there for now or you can go crazy creating more layers and animating the same Triangle and Circle symbols any way you like with little impact on the file size.

If you saved this as a Flash movie right now, its size would be less than 4 KB. Experiment with adding more layers to your movie and combining tweening actions. There are numerous ways to double up the effects.

This is the only exception to using symbols. Shape tweening also called shape morphing works only with ungrouped, nonsymbol objects, which exist directly on the Stage and Timeline. Also, try adding some text as an object or symbol.

If you want to check your work, download this. Flash Tutorial for Beginners. Flash Tutorial for Beginners — Lesson 2. Self-driving cars might not be as imminent as we thought wired.

69 Free Adobe Flash CS6 Video Tutorials

Skip Article Header. Skip to: Start of Article. Planes might not be your thing, but animated BMWs might.

Over at Toxic Lab they have a quick tutorial on how to animate a car in Flash and get it looking perfect for any banner, header or picture presentation. If you want to continue and get a bit more technical or fancy, then you might want to add a Flash image transition effect to your image gallery as well. Designing a Flash Site Many Flash sites have gone awry due to poor planning, execution or layout.

Head over to this Search-This tutorial article where Mark Angeletti gives you the hows, whats and whys of creating your own Flash website structure.

Well the next duo of tutorials well get you racing down that road in no time.

This first linked tutorial gives you some pointers on making your Flash website so funky that every web designer will undoubtedly be jealous. Or perhaps you need a high tech look and feel. If so, you can create a futuristic Flash interface for your website with this tutorial. This is just a taste of some of the most popular sought-after topics in Flash design. With these tips and tricks you should be well on your way to giving your website some Flash.Adobe makes some of the most useful applications available.

The interface did change, but since Adobe's terminology is stable, CS6 users should have no problems learning from tutorials made for older versions. Slow Search.

For e. Here we will create a banner of size x

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