Access, is identifiable as the body of research that Kevin Hogan has experienced you how to capitalize on the science and art of human influence. Whatever. Feb 9, In The Science of Influence, author Kevin Hogan provides detailed instruction on the topic of per- suasion. He takes the latest findings in. Author: Kevin Hogan; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times Kevin Hogan - The Science Of Influence ( MB eBook, $ FREE).

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The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say Yes in 8 Minutes or Less! [ Kevin Hogan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kevin Hogan holds a doctorate in Psychology and is the author of twenty Hogan has taught Persuasion and Influence at the The Science of Influence. Kevin Hogan - The Psychology of Persuasion - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Kevin Hogan - The Psychology of Manipulation-Master Secrets of Covert Influence. Uploaded by. Herta 'Tzu' Dan.

This is a modern rendition of those old classics, and hence thankfully a little more scientific. About half the book brings out good ideas on cognitive science and behavioural economics that cause certain ideas, presented in a certain way to be more effective and better received by the world at large. Some of the book the earlier parts - delta method etc was the classic snake-oil stuff that Dal I never understood the allure in the Dale Carnagie, Cialdini schools of books until I read this one.

Some of the book the earlier parts - delta method etc was the classic snake-oil stuff that Dale tried to sell. On the whole, certainly worth a read and repeated referring. Is a good reference companion to serious reader, when accompanied with good books like - Thinking Fast and slow, or other Dan Ariely type books. Nov 02, NH rated it liked it Shelves: But it has general informations for general audience too. I think,you should note down these,while reading. Also,the book has some facts about human mind and how people make choices,decisions.

I like these parts more than other parts.

Kevin Hogan – Science of Influence III (25-36)

I would love to read other books of the author for mind-matters,body anguage e. You shoul the book is mainly written for business people,sales. You should take a look!

Jan 16, Haytham Badawey rated it it was amazing Shelves: This books is one of the best books I've read so far.

The author analyzes influence tools and techniques from both scientific psychological perspective and practical perspective.

The book discusses how people usually make decisions based on trivial criteria and not on rational reasoning, which is a good opportunity for manipulating them into following the choices you provide them, it's straight forward, but needs to be read multiple times.

The chapters are concise and to the point, this book is This books is one of the best books I've read so far. The chapters are concise and to the point, this book is very interesting and amusing! I totally recommend it. I'm still reading this book, and learning more about myself in it.

It is persuasive, in that it offers a unique, psychological look at why we do the things we do. He addresses the roles of the conscious and non-conscious in decision making. It's quite a perspective! I've ordered it to have on my shelf. I think I'll open it once in a while in future to remind me of what I've learned. Jul 03, Nakul Shenoy rated it really liked it. Kevin Hogan has shared on persuasion and effective communication through his various books.

In this one, he shares specific actionable information to influence anybody - especially a sales target - in minutes. There is much useful insight here even if you have read some of his other books. If you deal with people, the Science of Influence is a must read. Mar 18, Tadas Talaikis rated it really liked it Shelves: Advertising of this book worked for me, but nothing really paradigm shifting. Being rule breaker a lot, I simply can't follow conformism way of old-school.

No need for complicated many times heard checklists like in this book. Jul 26, Priscilla VdL rated it liked it. The author reminds us of some neat tricks to get yourself out there I liked the examples that he wrote about, gets you in a different perspective. There are some repetitions that you know can be to repetitive.

Oct 26, Chris Edwards rated it liked it Shelves: Ok, very self promotional. Poor ending. Needed a summary chapter. Nov 06, Samer Chidiac rated it it was amazing. Mind challenging book But I loved it! Sep 03, Mohamed rated it it was ok Shelves: I found this book to be genuinely helpful.

At times the detail led me to skim so I will reread more slowly. Valuable book and well written. May 05, RogerV at Movoxo.


Excellent book for marketers about specific languaging techniques. Feb 08, Ozkan rated it liked it. While he was telling about the science of influence, I felt a bit stressed about the idea, he might be trying to make me think what he wants me to think the way he thinks!

Nov 25, Mahdi rated it it was amazing.

The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say "Yes" in 8 Minutes or Less!

Sep 06, Katrece marked it as to-read. Saw this on a "shelf" we'll see. Halil rated it liked it Nov 07, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers Also Enjoyed. Self Help.

About Kevin Hogan. This fills in all the final gaps to persuasion and influence to date. Resistance and Reactance are two normal and important defensive elements that come into play in every influential communication.

Book Preview

As you will discover, it is actually necessary for others to experience these powerful emotions and feelings in order for you to successfully persuade them to your way of thinking. In what is the most current program about influence on the planet you are brought up to the second with what the brain sciences are telling us about persuasion.

All of the following CDs deal with the most cutting-edge influence to date. Science of Influence Vol. The Answer. A great challenge that is as difficult as it is worthy, is to get people …lots of them… to tell other people how great you are. When you have accomplished that you have become a person of influence.

There are special techniques that are required to get people to go to bat for you. And you are. You know that I hate hype. I simply share with you real world applications of the most cutting edge information available in the world about influence and persuasion. Become a person of great influence. Begin having others promoting you every day, in as many ways as possible. The unconscious mind is very different from the conscious mind. It runs on autopilot.

But those decisions come at a cost. The unconscious is often drawn in many different directions, not just one or two and to cut off any option is a threat to the freedom of the being. Write that down. Eliminating choices to a human and many other animals can be quite an experience.

While there are options escape routes there is comfort in the status quo.

Many animals hunt other animals with this fundamental principle as the guiding principle. It's the Holy Grail of persuasion--a proven system for turning a "no" into a "yes. Hogan combines these techniques into a revolutionary system that will get anyone to say "yes" in eight minutes or less.

Each year Kevin hosts a conference in Las Vegas. He has become the go-to resource for analyzing key White House figures.

Hogan has taught Persuasion and Influence at the University of St. Thomas Management Center and is a frequent media guest.

Articles by and about him have appeared in Success! He was recently featured in a half dozen magazines including wProst in Poland.Covert Hypnosis Volume 1 gave you examples of stories that covertly show you how to build credibility, prestige and trust.

They have a belief about you, your product, your service. Lot of inspirations for non-profit campaigns and interesting facts about marketing oriented on women. The author reminds us of some neat tricks to get yourself out there On the whole, certainly worth a read and repeated referring. Hogan's sensational title follows his own principles about framing and getting small commitments right away.

Not actually. Overall Rating 4 out of This books is one of the best books I've read so far. He is best known for his international best selling book, The Psychology of Persuasion:

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