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It starts with information on the different Indian States and contains useful info on the Indian Space Programme. Important International Organisations are also covered.

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Although aspirants tend to focus on the past 10 months or so current events they should know that nowadays UPSC is asking questions related to events that occurred years back. It covers events from January till August this year, both domestic as well as international. So if you continue from this period onwards you will have a good collection of current bits on events that occurred months prior to the Prelims. It will add real value to your preparation and revision and for certain topics like Geography and Science can completely eliminate the need for a standard text book and other books.

Let us review it briefly. As you can see the book not only covers the Prelims Paper 2 syllabus in detail but even goes beyond and is useful for other competitive exams as well. Each section starts with an introduction to the topic followed by detailed solved questions where steps to solve the particular problem type are included.

After you gain confidence in tackling that question type, you are expected to take the exercise that follows. Detailed solutions are provided for each question at the end so there is no confusion left in your mind. While some other reference manuals are doubtful at best when it comes to accurate answers, this is never an issue with TMH books and the CSAT Manual is no exception.

In this topic various question types that could be asked are listed followed by detailed explanation of each type and tips to answer them.

The basic premise followed in the Manual for Decision Making is that certain Principles or Values are tested in the question and a corresponding Rationale or Reasoning is is required to pick the correct option.

Some of the often asked question types like Probability, Permutation and Combination, Venn Diagram, Distance and Time, Family Relations are also covered well in this book. But this is not all.

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If you want to refer just one book for Prelims paper 2, go with this one. I hope this review of the best reference manuals for Prelims paper 1 and 2 will be useful to you.

I would like to hear your responses and experiences with these and other books in the comments below. I have General Studies Paper 1 and 2 from apart from the other books which you had suggested.

Do I need to download these two books to update myself of all the recent developments or are the books enough? Are there any other books I can download to update myself of all the recent and important developments? If you already have the version you need not download the latest edition as it has the same content more or less. Hello sir, I am a pre-final year engineering student and an aspirant of civil service.

I am from computer science branch and aiming for civil service examination. I have no idea how to start the preparation. Can u please guide me in this reference. I want your suggestion regarding following issues- 1 I should start my preparation with respect to Mains examination or Pre-lims examination. Dear sir, i am preparing for csat There is no compulsion. If you feel all the info is present in the individual books you can skip reference manual.

So, should I also busy TMH paper 2 manual as well? Is there any difference? If you already have a book for CSAT, no need to download a new one. I have already download a unique quittenssence manual for CSAT. I am a working person and now finally decided to prepare for Civil Services.

I have few doubts i mind please clear them for me-. Sir, I am in final year of b-tech computer science branch. Please help me out in starting the preparation and please help me out in selecting optional subjects.

I am a newcomer to civil services exams. TMH manuals are sufficient for prelims preparation? Sir i belongs to tamilnadu? The reason i am asking is that,i am in dilemma whether to download TMH or wait till the is published?.

Right now, i am in my college,and will appear in CSE ,so i can wait a little longer.

Hllo sir,,i m studying mbbs 1st year in mkcg medical colg,berhampur,odisha. Sir, I am an electrical engineering student.

Can you please suggest me if taking electrical as my optional is a good idea or not? Please guide us.

Which is website more good for current affairs. HELLO SIR…kindly tell me about the arihant gs manaul for ias version …would it be good to study it,,,,leaving tmh,pearson as i found it very attractive….

How to start with? I think you are doing a commendable job of giving away all of this good advice. Thanks and keep up the good job. My prayers with you. I m done with the ncert portion in geography please suggest me for further enhancing which book is best and contain maximum part of geography, confuse in the following books: Are you referring to Geography for Prelims or Mains?

In Polity go with Subhash Kashyap. Hello Sir, I am Jawahar. I had completed my Civil Engineering Last year and went to job for past six months. I am unsatisfied with the work.. So, I had decided to prepare for the competative exams.

It makes everyone to taste the future…. Go through this post on how to prepare: Sir please enlist the mistakes from mc grawhill general studies paper 1, there are lots of mistakes. On the international front, next season, a deficit of nearly four million tonnes is expected.

Tata McGraw-HilI Objective English Book PDF Download

But its impact on the price will be known only later. If the norms are relaxed for the subsidy schemes, more mills will get into exports.

There will be no delay in getting the subsidy and the cash flow will improve for the mills. In March this year, the cane arrears pending for farmers was expected to be almost Rs. This should be lesser now. Industry sources point out that the production cost works out to Rs. Apart from revising the minimum selling price upward to Rs. If India should export sugar, it should be competitive. In Tamil Nadu, the industry points out that the support schemes of the Central Government are all oriented to surplus production States.

The mills cannot export sugar as the production 8. Tamil Nadu was the third or fourth largest producer of sugar in the country five years ago, with an annual production of 23 lakh tonnes. Now, it is just one-third of that. It is a platform also for alignments on issues such as energy security, connectivity and trade.

Beyond the summit, the two countries are committed to engaging at several other levels, including the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure. SCO countries committed to strengthening economic cooperation and supporting the World Trade Organisation structure, while building more people-to-people ties, tourism and cultural bonds within the grouping. On the sidelines, Mr. This month, Mr. Modi will meet U.

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President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G summit in Osaka. While the current India-U. In his first major interview since the elections, Dr. How has the transition from being a full-time surgeon to Prime Minister been? I have no experience in governance, so I have no pre-formed ideas. Any organisation or interest groups, people who want to work on youth action plans, etc, are welcome to come and meet me in the morning.

Normally these are not ideas the government would have access to. Jaishankar was in Thimphu last week. Where do you see ties at present and where are the avenues for growth? I think our ties are at their highest possible point but the hidden height of the mountain always remains.

Jaishankar, we will do whatever it takes to strengthen ties further.

No, I want to correct you, there is no delay, as no timeline was set. I am very happy Mr. Modi accepted my invitation to visit when I was in Delhi, but I also told him that there was no need to rush.

He has so many engagements laid out in his new tenure, and we look forward to his visit here when that is possible. As far as Mangdechhu project is concerned, high-level visits are not connected to inaugurations or media events.

Mangdechhu is in the final stages of completion now, and we have other bilateral projects that are being worked on: for example the South Asia Satellite programme. We have requested another government-to-government mega-hydropower project on the Sankosh river, which may see some progress as well.I want your suggestion regarding following issues- 1 I should start my preparation with respect to Mains examination or Pre-lims examination.

The Science portion has always been a plus point of getting the TMH Reference Manual and its no different this year as well. I believe that we in South Asia need to develop as a region and we must work together. These topics as you might know are constantly in the news and thus have been included in the new Prelims syllabus by UPSC.

I am unsatisfied with the work.. Sir, I am in final year of b-tech computer science branch. Your email address will not be published. The answer is yes, but the shift if probably to slow down the pace of [starting new projects]. The government had targetted five million tonnes for export.

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