Read Book 2 from the story voiceless by Slycat99 with reads. mute, ibiki, fanfiction. Book two that is call a silent scream is published. If you check it. Read the best stories about #7th, #arranged, and #artist recommended by rinajalaman. Read the best stories about #band, #error, and #fan recommended by chummybhabe.

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Read the best stories about #aiden, #comedy, and #attract recommended by aileenreal. Voiceless 2 book. Read 65 To ask other readers questions about Voiceless 2, please sign up. Di ba version lang 'to nung original Voiceless sa Wattpad?. Voiceless [Book 2] Popular Wattpad Stories, Please Like Me, Wattpad Books,. Visit Read Voice ♪ 2 from the story Voiceless ♪ (Available in Bookstores.

My review in in english thou! When I first encountered the book, I was curious as to why it is entitled, Voiceless.

Voiceless 2

But after reading the book, I can now finally say, that I agree with the author. They would rather be, be deaf to the truth than to face reality.

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I like the character of Momo because she has a strong sense of loyalty towards the people she cares about, on the other hand, I kinda disliked Sync's personality for being to hard headed, but hey who can blame the guy, when he fell in love to a girl who only used him? Not his fault I guess But dang, his too blinded when it comes to love I kinda like Kevin Sy, his sweet, but I dislike him for having feelings for Momo so suddenly!

My favorite character would be Mirko I love his cool and happy go lucky personality!

Plus his half Italian! When i say Nature, this is how the readers specifically the teenagers viewed the story based on their current condition which is the truth na sobrang nakaka relate sila.

Because Momo the protagonist of the story is just one of the ordinary or let me say a mediocre million fan of their idols.

Kaya i salute Haveyouseenthisgurl giving Momo a strong essence of obsession and addictive character for that. I think nag eexist naman talaga ang ganitong mga die hard fans.

This event is currently happening right now, all of us are familiar with the KPop hit na Gangnam Style ni PSY kahit hindi natin alam ang lyrics go tayo sa pagkanta at pagsayayaw. Isa pa sa mga pinaka gusto ko sa story na to eh yung napaka kulet na attitude ni Momo, sya yung tipo ng tao na kapag nilayuan mo, imbes na sumuko eh parang budownloadog kang kukulitin hanggang sa ma accept mo sya, which made her the original Momo we knew, another distinct and unique character for her.

Another heart stabbing scene is when Momo gave up her virginity to Sync but the truth is that time Sync has no special feeling for her yet, he's just using Momo to recover from the past.

I have to admit na gusto kong patayin si Haveyouseenthisgirl that time, yung feeling na gusto ko syang puntahan sa Italy, haha joke lang. Because this is the FACT sa mga kababaihan ngayon hoy hindi ako feminist sadyang nagkataon lang.

Voiceless 2

I mean it, kasi this is how i picture the society nowadays based on my experience, i have seen my friends did the same thing. I am speaking for the majority but I am not pertaining that all teenage girls in the Philippines are like this.

See, what happens to Momo after that? Yes naging masaya sya for a short period of time and then here's the consequences: the dysphoric and sad truth na hindi ka pala nya mahal, eh panu ngayun yan buntis ako at ikaw ang ama. Yung feeling na gusto nyang magpakamatay after what she heard during the conversation of Sync and his brother lead to a sudden and impulsive decision caused by anger and now the result is revenge.

A decision not made by her mind but with her heart filled with so much anger.

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Dahil sa pagiging mapusok natin ngayon hindi natin iniisip yung mga posibleng mangyare or shall is say the phrase "Bahala na si Batman". After this nakita natin ang kakaibang Momo, nakita natin yung transition ni Momo from a gentle girl to harsh one, we cannot blame her bacause it is all a pure product of anger and false decision of hers. Syempre sa mga ganitong storya hindi mawawala ang supporting characters, jan papasok ang bestfriend ni Momo si Aila.

Dahil jan hindi naging one sided and storya kasi may umiikot na ibang side sa storya at ito nga ang buhay ni Aila the same with the relationship of Zeke and Corrine as well as Manager Ree to Manager Luke which made another bomb in the story for its shocking revelations.

Another one is the relationship of Aila to Mirko which did not work out, as we did not expected. Kala natin sila na talaga ang magkakatuluyan but a single fragment in the past of Mirko changes everything in their relationship but i think the justice has been served by the author since, sa isang istorya hindi porket masaya sa una eh masaya na rin ang ending and that is how it goes to be, the important thing is story ended of we known as happily ever after.

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Kasi for me, Haveyouseenthisgirl did not create the story para pakiligin lang tayo o mag imagine na ikaw si Momo at P.

A ka lang naman ng pinaka iidolo mo at fall inlove kayo sa isa't - isa, I dont find it that way rather Haveyouseenthisgirl wanted to tell us "Hoy wag kayong masyadong malalandi!

For me, at first i think Momo is the Voiceless one for Sync but as the story ended i find it Kevin Sy. Kasi from the very start i didnt find any reason for Momo to not love Kevin instead she loved Sync who almost got her killed a couple of times ironic to the fact that Kevin had saved them both and keeps loving Momo till the very end.

Baka sabihin nyo naman one sided ako kasi babae lang ang pinapatamaan ko. Actually malaki din ang impact nito for us, boys.Enjelia Villanueva Illustrator.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Hidden categories: They all grew up in their own ways. In May , the series was announced for a movie adaptation by Viva Films.

Everything he did was relatively easy. Dahil sa pagiging mapusok natin ngayon hindi natin iniisip yung mga posibleng mangyare or shall is say the phrase "Bahala na si Batman". You got me addicted to t I hate Sync.

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