Get a head start, plan your skiing before you go. Large format Le Grand Massif Piste Map, pdf & jpg. Visit the lift map of the Grand Massif Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoens and Sixt Fer à Cheval, ski resorts in Haute-Savoie. Ze Balaken sur la piste verte Mélèze à Flaine. Woops sur la piste verte Coin Coin aux Carroz. Ze Marvel Safari sur la piste verte Marvel à Morillon.

Grand Massif Piste Map Pdf

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TETE DES LINDARS. Hou weweip. m belzébuth la Deu. Ucas. COL DE PLATE upuewie. DIAMANT NOIR fed. LINDARS NORD cascades retour gers nction. Discover the Grand Massif piste map with km of pistes in 5 unterlinked ski resort. Orient yourself in our french ski resort downloading grand massif ski map. Samoëns/Grand Massif Piste Map - Skiing at a Glance. Download/view a PDF of the new /15 Samoëns piste map below.

You tell me Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do. James the Last, excellent for beginners and plenty more within easy reach, for the more experienced. The Jam Park is fun towards the end of the week when they've mastered some stopping and turning, and Marvel the long run marcellus, refers to, is ace for everyone is a little station above the main town of Morillon and, if you've got a car and are happy to drive down and up, there are more restaurants etc in the village - however does have a couple of restaurants, bars, shops etc.

You'll need to Register first of course. I love snowheads! Then you can post your own questions or snow reports After all it is free After all it is free I used to Live in Village and it's not really too much of an issue, especially if you're going to have a car as you can easily get to Samoens, Taninges etc. There's usually plenty of parking at the cable car and lift queues aren't too bad after the pre ski school crush..

Samoëns/Grand Massif Piste Map - Skiing at a Glance

You'll get to see more forums and be part of the best ski club on the net. James the Last, If you want to stay in the village and there's a crowd of you, some friends of mine own Chalet Elisabeth and Apartment Elisabeth accomodating 9 and 6 people respectively.

See www. They're nice people.

Flaine Ski Trail Map

Hope it's OK to mention this on here - there's no money in it for me, honest. Ski the Net with snowHeads Ski the Net with snowHeads I have stayed in both and my son did his first 3 or 4 ski holidays there.

It is an excellent place to learn with the famed "Marvel" 5km green though not so much fun now they've flattened the 'steep' bits and there are a good selection of easy blues and reds coming back to les Esserts. You can get over to Les Carroz on blue slopes within the Massif pass which gives a bit of a sense of travel.

If it is open, the blue back down to the village is delightful too. Given the choice, I'd probably prefer to stay in the village as when we were there was very, very, very ,very quiet in the evening as opposed to just very very quiet in the village.

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Hi James, Depends what you want I guess If we got the timing wrong the first lift up out of the village was a 2 hour scrum with the odd fight breaking out - not very pleasant! As other people have said however, there's much more choice of everything down in Morillon as opposed to A few years ago 5 of us stayed in a self-catering place in , there was a beginner in our group and she took to it really well. And like others have said, the long green that is the Marvel was great.

And love to help out and answer questions and of course, read each other's snow reports.

Hi we did Morillon at last march, it was great, the famed 'marvel' run is brilliant for beginners but can get very busy if you hit it at the wrong time of the day, most of the blues are fairly easy for beginners and they have a seperate beginner area at that's totally seperate to the main runs so you don't get any fast skiers shooting through as we have seen in other resorts. The links through to samoens etc are also quite pleasant unfortunately we were there during a week of very low cloud and fog which made things a bit tricky and also often found it to be raining down in , although snowing up the top, but even with the lack of visibility the slopes were still easy enough to navigate for the most nervous of skiers So if you're just off somewhere snowy come back and post a snow report of your own and we'll all love you very much So if you're just off somewhere snowy come back and post a snow report of your own and we'll all love you very much Most important thing for beginners is the quality of the ski school - look for some recommendations from knowledgeable locals.

Both Morillon and Samoens hold weekly typically French markets for locals and tourists alike - further details on Samoens' market. The Tourist Office puts on various entertainments in the village square ranging from kids' events and live music concerts to antique and crafts fairs throughout the year. Supermarkets in Samoens Supermarkets and specialist food stores in the area are plentiful.

If you wish to shop before arriving in Samoens, there is a Carrefour supermarket in Cluses 20 minutes before Samoens on the way up the hill.

Normally open 8. Website: www. On the edge of Samoens is another Carrefour Market, which is a great sized supermarket, open 8.


Also peak winter season on Sunday mornings. Within the village centre there are 2 small supermarkets open 7 days per week normally with 2 hours lunchtime closing. One of which is the Sherpa email: sherpa.

The majority of the shops and supermarkets are all open on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Day and other public holidays during the season. Out of season this will vary considerably.

All of our properties are either managed by Alps Accommodation or we work closely with the owners to ensure their holiday homes offer the best possible facilities and home from home comforts. Information on all the activities in Samoens from mountain biking to rafting and climbing.Classic cascades run[ edit ] This run goes across high mountain, down through the forests and past the cascade waterfalls to Sixt; in good weather and snow conditions it is considered to be a special day trip for those that enjoy the scenery and tranquillity of the mountains.

Whilst the busy periods are during the ski season mid December to third week of April and during the French summer holidays July and August , it has a permanent population and is open all year round. Don't expect to see any great skiing!!!! I agree that if you book group lessons the individual instructor you get is a lottery, but if you choose a good school, you can be reasonably sure of quality there are lots - and you can get good recommendations on snowheads.

Normally open 8. Hot tub.

The first residence opened at the start of the season. I certainly agree that instructor is important, but I've no idea how you work out in advance whether your instructor is going to be any good - or even whom you're likely to get. Ski the Net with snowHeads Ski the Net with snowHeads I have stayed in both and my son did his first 3 or 4 ski holidays there.


If you tell us a bit more about what is most important for your group it will reduce the contradictions.

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