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Home · Books Reviews · Free Hindi Books · Shopping Cart · Copyright · About Us · DMCA · Home · Dimagi Kasaratein by Hareesh Chandra Sansi · Ka. Bharat Ek Khoj (The Discovery of India) is a episode Indian historical drama based on the book The Discovery of India () by Jawaharlal Nehru that. Hindi text book “Bharat Ki Khoj” E-book for class 8, CBSE, NCERT.

The production quality for Bharat Ek Khoj is exceptional. The show pays careful attention to small details such as costumes — and caste marks — even on flimsy sets that have obviously been recycled from one time period to another. The cast too is recycled across episodes. You will find Om Puri as Duryodhana one day, reformed Ashoka the next and haughty Aurangzeb the third.

Benegal made some unorthodox decisions with respect to scripting decisions. Most directors would have been content to portray Duryodhana, the villain of the Mahabharata whose machinations and jealousy led to the great war of the epic, as someone beyond redemption.

Bharat Ki Khoj

Naseerudin Shah dazzles as Shivaji too, in what might be the most balanced portrayal of the Maratha ruler that will ever come to television. Play Bharat Ek Khoj: Shivaji part 1. Unfortunately, there is little place for the women to shine, even though, like the male actors, the women repeat their roles across episodes. One rare two-part episode that centred on women characters was of the Sangam period that uses the Tamil epic Silappadikaram to talk of trade practices in the south.

bharat ki khoj book

However, Joshi as rage-consumed Kannagi is disappointingly flat, as indeed are many other episodes that fall a little too deeply into textbook material instead of stories. Like the source book, its most frank confrontation of caste is in older periods, when it dwells on how caste became rigid.

In times nearer to our own, Jyotirao Phule, rightly gets an entire episode for his tireless work against caste. And yet, if the show is Nehruvian in its portrayal of history, it also has its Nehruvian lapses in its focus on the role of the Congress in the freedom struggle to the exclusion of all else.

No history of modern India can be complete without some attention to Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian constitution and visionary anti-caste leader.

Bharat Ek Khoj, which has two episodes on Gandhi, is silent on Ambedkar. CharuDutt was living in Ujjain or Ujjaini. She was very wealthy. She was attracted and fall in love for towards CharuDutt based on his humanitarian work. Charudutt informed her that he will send a cart to pick her up. In this love story, there is a villain too.

Through his character the play have political and dramatic moments. Will the truth going to triumph? Will the actual murdered got convicted?

Will the old servant of CharuDutt stop gambling ever? All these questions are answered in the rest of the episode. It is worth to note that Mrichchhakatika is one of the most adapted Sanskrit play in western countries.

NCERT Bharat Ki Khoj - Supplementary Hindi for Class 8

Fort for the innumerable talks and discussions we had which helped me greatly to clear my own mind about various aspects of Indian history and culture. Prison is not a pleasant place to live in even for a short period much less for long years. But it was a privilege for me to live in close contact with men of outstanding ability and culture and a wide human outlook which even the passions of the moment did not obscure.

My eleven companions in Ahmadnagar Fort were an interesting cross section of India and represented in their several ways not only politics but Indian scholarship old and new and various aspects of present day India. Nearly all the principal living Indian languages as well as the classical languages which have powerfully influenced India in the past and present were represented and the standard was often that of high scholarship.

I had all this wealth to draw upon and the only limitation was my own capacity to profit by it. Though I am grateful to all my companions I should like to mention especially invariably delighted me whose vast erudition invariably delighted me but sometimes also rather overwhelmed me. Asaf Ali.

It is a year and a quarter since I finished writing this book and some parts of it are already somewhat out of date and much has happened since I wrote it.

I have felt tempted to add and revise, but I have resisted the temptation. Indeed I could not have done otherwise for life outside prison is of a different texture and there is no leisure for thought or writing.

It has been difficult enough for me to read again what I have written.

NCERT Books Class 8

I wrote originally in long hand this was typed after my release. I was unable to find time to read the typescript and the publications of the book was being delayed when my daughter Indira Came to my rescue and took this burden off my shoulders. The book remains as written in prison with no additions or changes except for the postscript at the end.

I do not know how other author feel about their writings but always I have a strange sensation when I read something that I had written some time previously. That sensation is heightened when the writing had been done in the close and abnormal atmosphere of prison and the subsequent reading has taken place outside.

I recognize it of course but not wholly it seems almost that I was reading some familiar piece written by another who was near to me and yet who was different. Perhaps that is the measure of the change that has taken place in me.

So I have felt about this book also. It is mine and not wholly mine as I am constituted today it represents rather some past self of mien which has already joined that long succession of other selves that existed for a while and faded away leaving only a memory behind. Pava K.Quick Links. The Chola Empire, part 1 -- Episode The Vijayanagar Empire -- Episode Kalidasa, part 1. And into this desolation walks Jawaharlal Nehru, frail and slightly stooped, twigs crackling under his Peshawar-chappaled feet.

Vivekananda -- Episode The book covers not just kings and princes whom Nehru said he did not find very interesting but the ideas that shaped India as well, such as the Bhakti movement or why later Indian rulers seemed indifferent to military and industrial innovations.

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