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Forum › forum bioarchitettura e sostenibilità › Presents the Style Bible: The 11 Rules for Building a Complete and Timeless Wardrobe PDF EPUB. eaC2xD - Read and Download James Bassil's book Presents The Style Bible: The 11 Rules for Building a Complete and Timeless Wardrobe. HarperCollins Publishers Inc, United States, Paperback. Condition: New. Trade Paperback. Language: English. Brand New Book. The Style Bible is an.

Whether it was these priests of the Deuteronomy era or their successors that wrote Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings, these texts represent a highly mythologized history of their newly dispossessed people thanks to the Babylonian captivity.

Wikimedia CommonsA rendering of the Jews forced into labor during their time in Egypt. This history opens with the Hebrews getting a commission from God to leave their Egyptian captivity which probably resonated with the contemporary readers who had the Babylonian captivity on their minds and utterly dominate the Holy Land.

Finally, the third part of the book of Isaiah was clearly written after the Babylonian captivity ended in B. Wikimedia CommonsThe prophet Jeremiah Jeremiah: Jeremiah lived a century or so after Isaiah, immediately before the Babylonian captivity.

The authorship of his book remains relatively unclear, even compared with other discussions as to who wrote the Bible.

His own book may have been written by him, or by a man named Baruch ben Neriah, whom he mentions as one of his scribes.

Ezekiel: Ezekiel ben-Buzi was a priesthood member living in Babylon itself during the captivity. These also might have been the writers who survived Ezekiel to draft the P texts after the captivity.

These books are the finished product of nearly a thousand years of development and heavy editing. Unlike the histories, which are theoretically non-fiction accounts of stuff that happened, wisdom literature has been redacted over the centuries with an extremely casual attitude that has made it hard to pin down any single book to any single author. Some patterns, however, have emerged: Job: The book of Job is actually two scripts.

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These two texts may be the oldest writings in the Bible. On either side of that epic poem in the middle of Job are much more recent writings. Section one of Job contains a very modern narrative of setup and exposition, which was typical of the Western tradition and indicates that this part was written after Alexander the Great swept over Judah in B. The happy ending of Job is also very much in this tradition. Between these two sections, the list of misfortunes that Job endures, and his tumultuous confrontation with God, are written in a style that would have been around eight or nine centuries old when the beginning and ending were written.

Proverbs was likewise continuously updated until about the mid-second century B. These civil proceedings will be a matter of public record and your identity will not be confidential. By obtaining this book you agree to the following: Each book is individually numbered and coded and can be individually identified.

Each book containsat least one deliberate typographical error. If you obtained this book through illegal means. By opening this file. My email address is DatingGuruBrad yahoo. I started out as an awkward lanky guy with ill fitting clothes and a bad haircut.

I'm going to help you sort through all of this nonsense and come up with something that shows women you are a sexy. I don't know much about major designers or what's going to be in next season. Approaches are met more warmly. But even without being a fashion expert. I don't care if your friends. In order to succeed at this. Being fashionable and being attractive are not always the same thing.

I've been able to construct a look for myself that constantly gets me approached by women. Dates are easier to set up and things get physical faster.

Phone calls get picked up more often. In this day and age. If you can implement these ideas effectively. From there I began a journey of exploration that ultimately led me to create a system for attracting women with your clothing without actually having to be an obsessed expert in fashion. If your goal is to impress your coworkers. The goal is to become attractive.

[PDF Download] Presents The Style Bible: The 11 Rules for Building a Complete and

This is what I hope to impart to you throughout these pages. You will start to love putting on the clothing that gets you noticed by sexy women and. Every look you see in this book is a collection of clothes that anyone can download and wear. About the Pictures I cruised the Internet and the streets of major American cities like New York and Los Angeles for about a year from summer to summer to get the pictures you're seeing in this book.

Some of them are friends of mine. Imagine a way to get women's attention that doesn't involve being the most original or most funny guy at the bar.

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I hope you enjoy the finished product. I'm not into clothes. Brad's Fashion Bible If you're one of the millions of guys out there who's been saying your whole life: I hand picked every single photo in this book and placed each one in the book myself. I just wear what feels comfortable.

It's been a year long journey putting these pictures and words together. I've blacked out the faces of people who aren't already known in the public domain.

Let's begin by looking at some of the science behind fashion and how it plays out in todays world. Remember as you look through the pictures that every person you're seeing had to go through a process of experimentation and education to get their look together.

Once you understand some basic concepts to discover and perfect your own look.

Just as female mallards are attracted to certain colors of feathers on males. Brad's Fashion Bible Part 1: The Science of Fashion Fashion can be understood within the context of biological signals.

Charles Darwin was the first to attempt to construct a theory of why animals have such extravagant signals and physical ornamentation. The Descent of Man. The plume is costly for the peacock. The plume itself takes up physical resources to produce. A study published recently shows that the male's plumage is a direct indicator of the page 8 of www.

The classic example of this is the deer's antlers. Showing dominance is the most common way to remove the competition. To "excite or charm those of the opposite sex" is an adaptation based on attraction rather than domination. Trying to "excite or charm those of the opposite sex. Brad's Fashion Bible Did you get all that? The two ways to attract a mate in the animal kingdom are: It is more common to drive the competitor off than it is to actually kill the competitor. Remember that word.

They serve no environmental advantage but rather serve to show which male is more dominant. The idea of being "dominant" is very important. There is no environmental advantage for the peacock to have the plume. In fact. The classic example is the peacock's plume. By killing or driving away your rivals. The peacock's plume communicates to female peacocks "I am fit. Brad's Fashion Bible fitness of his immune system and nutrition. Multiple Sexual Signals.

A peacock with a large plume has not only good genetics. It is saying "I am better than other peacocks who cannot produce this plumage.

Choose me for reproduction. Less fit or younger peacocks are not able to produce such elaborate plumes as the older. Brad's Fashion Bible Different species have different ways of expressing these qualities. Growing a dark mane requires more resources. So let's take a moment to examine how these qualities are communicated among humans page 10 of www. For lions.

A little bit of stubble can be good because it looks like you're not trying too hard. But you have to be careful of looking dirty in general. Most women are not consciously aware of what factors cause them to feel attraction to a man. Brad's Fashion Bible "Turn Ons" and "Turn Offs" Here's a list of the attractive and unattractive qualities that you can demonstrate using your clothing.

Dirty looking or poorly groomed. Dressing like a "nice guy. These "turn ons" and "turn offs" are not things that women will readily admit to. It communicates that you have no self respect. Little access to resources. Again the turn off is a lack of dominance. You might attract negative attention. Trying too hard to blend in shows that you are a fearful person with no identity of his own. This can be bad in a few different ways. Afraid of standing out.

You might look ignorant about the cultures and subcultures around you. There's a fine line between that "rugged look" and looking dirty. Stand out too much and you'll look like an attention whore. Not elite. Standing out too much. Turn Offs. In this case. Don't get lumped in with these guys. Obsessing too much about one particular outfit is not masculine. With a guy like this.

Has an outdated look. They are too common to be considered elite. The hard work happens in the beginning. I think we all know a guy like this. It just shouldn't look like you tried hard. But when you're done. A decade or more goes by. Scared of confrontation. Dismissive about the importance of fashion and image. After that it shouldn't be too difficult. Your new look should seem effortless to others. Trying hard is not elite. This is something that you can communicate with your choices in clothing.

This shows a lack of access to resources. Women are drawn to men who are they think would be tough in a confrontation. Some guys stick with one look for way too long. A man with an outdated look has no access to new information about style.

This goes back to the "blending in" thing. Some guys really don't care about looking good and being in style. The ironic part is that in the beginning you are going to have to try hard. These are the same kinds of guys who burp in public and hardly ever get laid. If you try too hard to blend in. Brad's Fashion Bible This can make you look too submissive. Too worried about what people say vs. Fashion is a delicate balance of many different factors..

It's a good start to at least be aware of these various factors so you can avoid a few pitfalls. Trying too hard vs. Brad's Fashion Bible Sounds pretty confusing. All women have latent attraction mechanisms in their subconscious.

It's the 21st century.. This separates people into 2 categories. Educated in cutting edge fashion. If you've actually educated yourself in this area.. If you are constantly yielding to social pressure.

Some forms of information are careful guarded secrets. Women instinctively understand that access to specialized information is a predictor of long term wealth and success. Triggers her latent attraction mechanisms. They unapologetically reject guys who seem like they're struggling in life. Some women consider this access to be more important than a man's current wealth status. There's so many different kinds of social pressure on us all.

Brad's Fashion Bible Turn Ons. Just having an interest in fashion makes you far more attractive to most women. If you are in the first category.. Alpha qualities Many of the qualities on this list fall under the category of "alpha male qualities. Pressure to fit in. Fashion taste-makers intentionally change what's "in style" rapidly so it's difficult to keep up with. Women intuitively know this. Most of the time. Immune to social pressure. Has access to specialized information.

We're living in the "information age. Only by reversing this damage can we reach our true potential. This is particularly important when dealing with top tier women.

But for the majority of men myself included our minds have been poisoned with mixed messages and bad social programing for decades. Well groomed or has interesting grooming. This shows that you have enough resources to spend time and money on your grooming. The normal rules just don't apply anymore. For some men. If she is seen with a guy who is "out of touch" she risks losing her own social standing. Style and grooming require attention to detail. OK sounds simple enough. Understands subtle communication.

They respond best to men who speak their subtle language. Current and up to date. If you can create a style that has nuances and subtleties. Guys who can trigger these latent attraction mechanisms are eligible for all sorts of special treatment. Women are subtle communicators. It also shows that you have a high level of self respect.

Brad's Fashion Bible are stereotypes that were planted in her subconscious by pop culture and the media. Look good and be up to date. Let's take a look at some of sources of that limited way of thinking. Brad's Fashion Bible Part 2: Obstacles on the Inside Now you know the 4 qualities that lead to mating success in the animal kingdom: I've done quite a few makeovers in my live trainings.

Most guys just filter it out. It's not a lack of information. It's time to figure out what's been stopping you from showing these qualities in the past. I've spend the last 13 years studying psychology and philosophy.

After I finally figured it out and developed a great look. I had layers and layers of self delusion which prevented me from seeing what was really going on.

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I wanted to date and sleep with lots of attractive women. There was an easy way to fix this. I discovered that almost everyone has their own version of these same delusions. You've got to identify your negative social programming if you ever want to move past it. I started giving makeovers to other guys who were working on succeeding with women. What I discovered was that like most men. I consider myself a pretty intelligent person. This is called "negative social programming.

I can see that I was sabotaging all of my interactions with women. This harassment is the fuel that feeds social competition and establishes the social structure that will be enforced day in and day out for the entire school year.

It could be that he's from a different ethnicity. In the world of children. It's normal for children to make fun of each other and compete for social dominance in school.

All it takes to look different is a slightly unusual haircut. Think back on your grade school days. The easiest way for a child to gain a social advantage over others is to make fun of something obvious. Brad's Fashion Bible Playing it Safe in the Schoolyard The first obstacle that a man faces is "play it safe" mentality that we all develop when growing up.

At times. If you make fun of someone different. Was there a boy with long hair or a girl with short hair that got teased? Was there someone from another country or a kid who was a bit poorer than average?

In the adult world. As a result. There are massive social benefits if you can successfully taunt other children. That's how they establish a social hierarchy and learn lessons that will be valuable later in life. This "play it safe" mentality can cause limiting self beliefs and make you seem timid and immature. There's nothing wrong with this when you're a child or adolescent. The problem is that many people carry this "play it safe" mentality into their adult life and it no longer serves a purpose.

It's a useful adaptation that allows you to go through life without being damaged and distracted by harassment. Brad's Fashion Bible Chances are that at some point in your life you were that kid who was different. Even kids who are normal in every way observe the persecution of those who are different.

The harassment we endure as children causes us to build up a tendency to play it safe. The rules have changed. Then when it arrived. That's me in the back! Every year. I'd look forward to Christmas morning for months. Some would give toys. At most family holidays. Look how nice he looks in his sweater. What a nice sweater! Try it on! Look at him everyone. I too was transformed into a charming lad who would be praised across the nation for his niceness. Brad's Fashion Bible When I opened up the sweater..

Of course my relatives meant me no harm. As soon as I put on that sweater. Then my entire family would erupt into a chorus of "Nice boy! When in the family setting. Be cooperative. Or maybe you just copy what your friends are doing. Perhaps you have a similar story about learning "nice guy programming" as a child.

This is our first experience in creating our personal style. Then there are the guys who are always looking for cool clothes. Then we'll all live happily ever after. Ever seen it? As you get older. That's the page 22 of www. If you are around a lot of other guys who get it. Later in life. There's even an episode of "The Cosby Show" where Cliff Huxtable catches Theo and Cockroach using eyeliner to darken their prepubescent mustaches. Mom puts the clothes on you and says you look "so nice.

It's so common that it's become a cliche in our society. Then it feels very natural to develop a cool look. Mom downloads you clothes from the Sears catalog. Don't offend anyone. And so it begins.

As young boys. Be submissive. As we get older. They watch "Queer Eye" and read GQ. For a normal boy growing up. Fit in.

Who Wrote The Bible? This Is What The Actual Historical Evidence Says

Some men get involved with a peer group that understands fashion. Brad's Fashion Bible to people. It's a journey and it takes a lot of experimentation. The majority of guys never really change.

It's a challenge to reprogram your own fashion sense. They never leave behind their child-like view of clothing and fashion. Brad's Fashion Bible minority. The nice guy tends to behave in a submissive way around women. It usually makes them whiny and resentful. Most women don't want to date a guy with such a low opinion of himself. This communicates a belief that the woman is a better person than him.

The nice guy communicates that he is unworthy of a woman's attention by acting submissive and inferior. He puts a woman on a pedestal right away. Here's a few simple examples of what nice guys say and how women interpret his words.

By now you might be asking why it's so bad to look like a "Nice Guy. What women mean by "I want a nice guy" is that she wants a guy who is dominant but still treats her well. Nice guy: Can I take you out sometime? He doesn't think he's worthy of having a conversation with me. This is confusing for men.

When women use the term "nice guy" they mean "a dominant man who still treats me well. Being around a nice guy doesn't make women horny or attracted.

That's not what she means. The problem is that women don't respond well to nice guys. In that case you'll know first hand what happens when you let people walk all over you. Why is he kissing my ass so much? Maybe he's never really talked to a pretty girl before.

In the real world. He just automatically assumed that I'm worth taking out. The assumption "If I meet the needs of others. It seems to make sense on the surface. He thinks I'm better than him. They will walk all over you. If you're going to give people what they want and need. You will not be loved. From a young age. He might have low standards. Must be a loser. People will use you and abuse you.

He believes that if he meets the needs of others and does what people ask of him. The "nice guy" has a deeply held mistaken belief. Only then will they take you seriously and reciprocate. Perhaps you know someone who is a "nice guy.

Women meet these types of guys all the time. He might be only interested in sex. This guy might be desperate. You're the most amazing woman I've ever met. They will not meet your needs. Brad's Fashion Bible She hears: He didn't even stop to learn anything about me before offering to take me out.

They frequently remind us of these needs. Brad's Fashion Bible Even if it were true that by meeting the needs of others you will get your needs met and be loved. Women are complex indeed. What women don't tell you is that they need a vast array of other things in order to feel compelled to meet your immediate needs. In reality. Yes it's true. When it comes to dating. They don't need all of these things at the same time. Many men assume that if they meet the immediate surface needs of a woman drinks.

There are other times when you should make an effort to be the "fun guy. Be a great listener. By doing this. It usually good to listen to women as they express their emotions and tell their stories.

That's what women are really interested in. That won't work either. Occasionally show a vulnerable side. There are times to be a great listener. Attracting women is about using a special mixture of the two. Being chivalrous. So how can you use some of these "nice guy" tendencies to your advantage? You can start by identifying which ones are attractive and which ones are a turn-off.

If a woman is getting whiny and spilling her guts to you when it's too early on in the relationship. The Bad page 27 of www. To really meet all of these needs. You can't just be a total jerk and never be nice. It's always good to open doors for women and do chivalrous things.

Brad's Fashion Bible are interested in all of them at one time or another. This can be endearing and attractive. It's always good to make women feel protected from danger. You just have to know where to draw the line. Only by letting go of the urge to please women all the time can you achieve this. It shows that you're human. The Good. She responds well to a guy who is a total jerk at just the right time. The language of the scriptures ought to be pure, chaste, simple and perspicuous, free from any words or phrases which may excite observation by their singularity; and neither debased by vulgarisms, nor tricked out with the ornaments of affected elegance.

As there are diversities of tastes among men, it is not to be expected that the alterations I have made in the language of the version will please all classes of readers.

Some persons will think I have done too little; others, too much. And probably the result would be the same, were a revision to be executed by any other hand, or even by the joint labors of many hands. All I can say is, that I have executed this work in the manner which, in my judgment, appeared to be the best. To avoid giving offense to any denomination of Christians, I have not knowingly made any alteration in the passages of the present version, on which the different denominations rely for the support of their peculiar tenets.

In this country there is no legislative power which claims to have the right to prescribe what version of the scriptures shall be used in the churches, or by the people.Puri Ph. In addition, a V-neck will give you the illusion of having a longer neck, particularly if you have a short neck or a double chin. The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie. Most women have had bad experiences with nice guys. If she is seen with a guy who is "out of touch" she risks losing her own social standing.

Remember to do the "well dressed" part. What is considered current or trendy is invariably a question of who is wearing it, whether that who is a model on a foreign runway or a celeb on television.

This book is about the life of New York City's most famous doorman. Edition 2 by John T.

SARINA from Honolulu
I do relish studying docunments politely . Look over my other articles. One of my extra-curricular activities is racewalking.